Pagnol. // DA#6.

Pagnol produces top of the line motorcycle gear, which complements our personal style when riding through the streets of downtown. And it’s refreshening to see that they do so without the typical “retro lifestyle” drivel. Check out Tom’s interview with more pictures online:…/2…/8/9/diamond-atelier-x-pagnol Stay tuned for part two with Pablo!

Pure & Crafted Festival Berlin.

Thanks again for the fantastic turnout at the Pure & Crafted festivalin Berlin last week!! A special shout-out to the folks at CRAFTRAD, Temple Choppers and BMW Motorrad for bearing with us through the weekend! We owe you.

Vacation Season!

We’re out for the next two weeks, so please let us alone! Cheers Tom&Pablo

Off to Berlin. // DA#4.

Join us at the Pure & Crafted Festival in Berlin this weekend and check out our BMW RnineT live. We’ll meet you there!

Munich Riding. // DA#6.

We went for a ride with our all time fave Lukas Magerl to snap some action pics in the heart of Munich. Check in the next couple of days to see the full set.

MK2 Progress.

We weren’t so lazy after all! Check out the progress on the MK2 BMW engines. Clean, rebuild, paint, sand, repeat. – Same goes for the fully rebuilt carburetors. Stay tuned.

What we do. // DA#4.

When people ask us what we do, we show them this. // DA#4.

Overkill. // DA#6.

There is no such thing as overkill. // DA#6.

Suzuki Saturday

Suzuki Saturday with our DA#5 #SuzukiSaturday Photo: Hermann Köpf

DA#9T Preview.

Staying ahead of the game, we present you the first concept of the DA#9 – or better yet: DA#9T. We teamed up with the industry’s finest to create the gnarliest custom Boxer to be, based on a BMW RnineT. Again on board: Photochoppa Julian Weber. So stay tuned. #WeNeverSleep

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