Modern Art Piece

We experience a predominant desire especially within urban areas, which seeks after modern day custom bikes making any rider’s life easier. Bikes that don’t require special maintenance, no getting used to, riding as if they came straight from the dealer  and having all the electronic gimmicks the 21st century has to offer.

This led us to develop the Urban21 series.

Each bike of this batch is based on a fresh 0km BMW RnineT.
To emphasize the brand new feel, it is entirely built up from all new parts.
We wanted to create a bike that could roll out of BMW’s production line if only we were to design it.

We are introducing our RnineT series:

Bikes starting at 38.000,- net including a brand new BMW RnineT

The Urban21 bikes are based on a brand new BMW RnineT upgraded with the latest high performance and tech parts that are hand selected and combined to meet the highest standards of the Diamond Atelier signature design .


The Urban21 is equipped with only the highest quality products from our partners.

Motogadget supplies the speedometer, Kellermann delivers its market leading Atto Dark indicators on all four corners and Metzeler is in charge of sticky rubber, in this case the Racetec K3 semi slick.

For a relaxed yet direct riding position we Magura sets the bar high together with Gilles rear sets. And to match BMW´s USD forks we install a custom adjustable Wilbers shock in the back.

Stopping power is increased by ABM steel braided lines all around.

Naturally we implement our Diamond Atelier DNA into this bike, with the typical blacked-out appearance, aggressive stance as well as selected but crucial details scattered around the bike. To top it off, all Urban21 units receive our own CNC machined aluminum valve covers anodized in black.

As with the Mark II, personalization options are endless with the Urban21:
Starting with obvious things like a custom paint job or the hand sewn leather seat,
our clients can choose from multiple wheels and tire options, different exhaust systems, air filters, suspension setups and even a two seat version just to name a few.

Naturally the Urban21 can be built to comply with any international road traffic regulation.

Only the highest quality parts are used for the build.

This series is our interpretation of a new production custom bike. We´re not saying it hasn´t been done before, we just think nobody really tried as hard as we have to make it perfectly suitable for any taste.

Lastly, it was important for us to make it accessable to anyone who is willing to invest into a brand new bespoke motorcycle.


Urban21 is available starting at 38.000,- net including a brand new BMW RnineT or bring your own bike with adjusted costs.

Get in touch via our contact form or just write us an email at: info@diamond-atelier.com