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DA#9T Preview.

Staying ahead of the game, we present you the first concept of the DA#9 – or better yet: DA#9T. We teamed up with the industry’s finest to create the gnarliest custom Boxer to be, based on a BMW RnineT. Again on board: Photochoppa Julian Weber. So stay tuned. #WeNeverSleep

Rainy weather.

Due to the unexpectedly high demand on the M2S bikes, we decided to pre-release the MARK II 1000 Series. Riding custom bikes in the rain is a thing from now on. You’re welcome. P.S.: For all the people going ape shit over this: you know this is a joke, right?

Merry Christmas.

On today’s special occasion, we have a equally special treat for ya: Ollie+ from GARAGE 271 hit it out of the ballpark again. He pulled an all-nighter to finnish his marvelous sketch of our DA#1 just on time so we can make this present happen. Ollie – you’re a champ. Following the link below, you…

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