Completing the family

Shortly after our team at Diamond Atelier relaunched the Mark II’s next generation model, the ‘Evo’ we are about to add just another bike to our small family of series bikes.

To make things perfectly clear: We will always produce our unique “DA#” builds or cooperation builds. These projects shape our brand, they are what we live for. They are radical, aggressive and set the bar higher one notch at a time. Sometimes we come up with concept in our mind at 3am and eventually turn it into reality the day after if necessary. We can never foresee what the exact outcome on our DA# builds will be, since the best ideas happen spontaneously.

Since the beginning of Diamond Atelier we kept receiving emails such as „do you also build scramblers?“, „how about bikes with high bars and knobby tires?“, „what’s with a more off road build?”. But back in that time we knew we first have to shape our signature style before going broad. Finally, the time has come for us to increase our product portfolio.

We are introducing our new series: Groot


Bikes starting at 24.000 € net.


As we named our most successful series after Tony Stark’s Mark II Iron man suit, we decided to stick to the Marvel Universe. Nothing fits better to our vision of an Diamond Atelier bike riding through the forest and off roads than the famous little tree monster „Groot“.


Even though people sometimes already call us a BMW customizer (what ironically we never claimed to be) we just can’t deny our pure and endless love to the iconic 2 valve airhead. Thus we based Groot on a BMW as well. Groot is based on a BMW 248-type frame – a slightly different version of the well-known 247. The main distinction to our previous donor bikes is the shorter swing arm with a dual shock. With the decision to choose a BMW again we make sure to be able to deliver fast and in a constant high quality.

The Groot bikes are based on a BMW 248-type frame with shorter swing arm and dual shock rear suspension.


All our previous series were designed for one specific purpose. The inception for every series bike was the idea of a bike with one selective use made into reality through our unique handwriting.

But we figured out there is a lack. Even we all live, work and grew up in the city we love to escape the city’s tautness on the weekends. No matter if we go hunting, climbing or camping there was always the right bike missing to throw in the back of the van.

So the goal was as clear as it was difficult. The need was a bike that appear clean and well balanced enough to unmistakably be a true Diamond Atelier build, but also functional outside city traffic on unpaved roads. We finally came up with our best design for this project. But a never before seen design requires things such as the bodywork being built entirely from scratch and walking the extra mile with many parts, such as a custom-made rear frame for the duo shock swing arm or gas tank design incorporating the Motogadget speedo.

It was most important to have all components of the bike work together in the big picture: The length of the forks combined with the size of the wheel set and the short swing arm gives the bike the necessary style on the first look. The short tail section flows with the angle of the small gas tank and ensures that the focus is on our all-time favorite engine. The hand welded headers are wrapped around the main frame and go up around the engine to get the off road style we were after. But as usual the main job was about everything you don’t see, so that the Groot appears extremely lightweight in visual mass.


The bikes are equipped with completely refurbished and black anodized 53mm USD forks in combination with double 320mm brake discs rotating in 6 piston Tokico calipers each. The latter connected to an ABM radial brake pump through steelbraided.

The rear shock are fully adjustable Wilbers backline piece.

The wheel set are the 17“ BMW Snowflake rims with TKC 80 tires.

The BMW R65 engine is fully rebuild. Here for we teamed up with well-known performance house Siebenrock which develops power parts for BMW airheads. We used his stunning 860ccm PowerKit to get a massive increase of torque and horsepower – in fact making Groot a “BMW R86”

To complement the engine, we got support from Germanys Mikuni Guru Stephen Topham, who hooked us up with a pair of brand new Mikuni TM36-31. We still get excited when we unbox a pair of those beauties. The carbs are individually jetted to work with the K&N air filter and the custom welded free flow exhaust system.

The completely rebuild electrical system works with custom goodies exclusively produced for these specific bikes. As always with electronics: the less you see the better. So we made sure that all the electronics are neatly tucked away and invisible on the finished bikes. To continue the builds high quality we use components from Motogadget, like their bluethooth m-unit and their Keyless, RF-ID lock, as well as the CNC machined m-grips and newly developed mirrors. Interesting fact: For the mirror surface they used polished Aluminum instead of glass.

Only the highest quality parts are used for the build.


Building a small series of motorcycles doesn’t mean they all need to look alike such as production vehicles from OEMs. The most obvious difference is the custom paint job. It forms the character of the motorcycle like no other feature and makes every bike stand out on its own.Dark metallic colors with race-oriented patterns create an edgy and urban feel, whereas lighter pastel colors tend to have a more old-school vibe to them. Of course, every single color is hand mixed and thus unique.

But this time we got even one step further and collaborated with Munich based Viktoria Greiner from who did an incredible job on the Groot gas tank and helmet. Viktoria is specialized on designing and painting individual gas tanks and helmets. We just told her that we are thinking about a photo shooting in the forest and she came up with this abstract fir cones theme, we immediately fell in love with. So if you want to turn you Diamond bike even more in a piece of art you can get it painted by Viktoria as well.

The highlight options is the choice between two different gas tanks. Or if you have two paint jobs in mind and can’t decide, why not take both? The gas tank on this build can be changed in less than 5 min thanks to a neat plug&play solution.

If you want a helmet painted in the same color as your Diamond build, we have teamed up with British helm producer Hedon to take care of our custom orders.

Other personalization options often only differ in details, but it’s these details that make it “your own”.

All Groot bikes come with a variety of customizing options to choose from, including two tank shapes and optional custom artwork.

Groot tank with hand-painted artwork – tank shape 01

Groot tank with regular custom colors – tank shape 02

With Groot we tried to build the story you want to tell. No matter if it sits on the back of your camper or you just want to escape your daily routine for some hours. Thus we hope to be able to reach more people with our brand and in general spread more Diamond Atelier bikes around the globe.

Groot bikes are now available for ordering.

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Bikes starting at 24.000 € net.